Daniel Hood’s Retrospective of Video Games of 2014

So, my school buddy has a blog about history and video games. Seriously, give this a read if you want some quick opinions on games involving history.

Hood's History Musings

2014 was generally a good year for me, but if I had one regret this year it’d be that I didn’t play many games from this year. The past couple years involve me playing catch-up or playing the same games numerous times.  To some it is a disappointing year, but to me this is the year I really wanted to delve deeper into my favorite past-time. I was compelled to purchase a next-generation console and grow my PC library to a level I haven’t done so in years.

Even with that frenzy there are several games from this year that I wish I had played. Most of these are games that might’ve made it on my top list or made a very deep impression with me.

Games I Wished I Played In 2014


  1. This War of Mine

I am glad someone is covering the subject of the Bosnian War of…

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