Habits that Hinder and Help

Hello again. Anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows that I like to cosplay and sew. However, I struggle with working on cosplays. Formerly, I used to say school held me back, and it did. I was so busy doing homework or trying to fulfill school obligations and make time for my friends, my cosplay projects took a back burner position three miles away from the front seat. Now that I am out of school and currently looking for a job, I have lots of time on my hands. I once played a video game for 14 hours. Yup. No writing. No reading. No sewing. I sat on my butt in front of my desktop and played X3: Albion Prelude for 14 hours. I often times imagine how much I could write or read or sew in that time, and the answer is always the same: quite a lot. I also like to watch bad movies on Syfy. And I once spent two hours constantly hitting the refresh button on my Tumblr dashboard for no good reason.

However, I have a few good habits as well. One of the key steps to productivity is goal setting. With cosplay, the goal is to create a new costume. And that requires materials a cosplayer may not have. Whenever I start a new sewing project, I don’t make lists of what I need, I make lists of what I already have. Then, I hunt those materials down and see if I have enough to complete or at least start a project. If I have enough of what I need, I start. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, I may finish in an afternoon. I once finished a vest for a friend in a manner of six hours. In a single day. All because I wanted to get it done.

I know I’m not the only cosplayer who struggles to get it together and make a costume. The trick to being better at anything–cosplaying included–is knowing both good habits and bad habits. By accentuating and acting out our good habits more often than our bad habits, we can get a lot more done. It’s not always easy. But if you reached the end of this blog post, then you just read the result of me putting my best habits into action: I didn’t necessarily have any idea what to write, but I wrote this post all the same. Now, I have about four hours of X3: Albion Prelude to go play. Gives me plenty of time to berate myself for not completing my new Link plushie.


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