MTAC 2015: Flash Interviews Part 1

Been too long since I’ve posted. After a month long absence, I am happy to be writing here again. Another Middle Tennessee Anime Convention has come and gone. Between getting lost in downtown Nashville (NEVER AGAIN!!) and dancing and raving harder than I have in my little life, it was a great convention. Anyways, you’re here for cosplay pics and interviews, and I have the goods to deliver!! MTAC 2015 (5) This gentleman was the first cosplayer I interviewed to cosplay as a book character (I think). His name is Kevin, and he is cosplaying as Dresden from the book series The Dresden Files. MTAC 2015 was his first convention, and he wanted to try cosplaying. Kevin also said his cosplay is similar to how he dresses in real life. Mtac 2015 (12)This is Gabee as Outlaw Harley Quinn, which she based off the DC Comics character Harley Quinn. She said she was cosplaying because she “cosplays all the time.” Mtac 2015 (15)Here we have Sydney as Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. She cosplays because she thinks everyone should be a princess (or a prince. I don’t judge). Mtac 2015 (13) This was one of my favorite cosplays from this weekend. This is Micheal, and he’s cosplaying as a Jurassic Park Ranger. He kept us all safe from the raptors and T-Rexes.  He cosplayed because he loves Jurassic Park, and he was able to dress up without it being Halloween.Mtac 2015 (1) This is Adam as Vash the Stampede from the anime Trigun. He cosplays as Vash because: “Trigun is my favorite anime ever.”Mtac 2015 (19) Lastly, this is Kavvi. She was all dressed up in lolita fashion, and she looked adorable. Kavvi said she dresses in lolita fashion because she “liked things little and girly.” That’s all the interviews I have for this installment. Part two will be coming in the next few days, so be sure to look out for it. I want to thank the people who were gracious enough to be interviewed: this blog wouldn’t exist without you and your support.


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