Sukoshi Con: Episode 3 Interviews (Part 1)

Sukoshi Con: Episode 3 ran last week (May 8th through the 10th) in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This was Bowling Green’s first three day convention, and my eighth overall. I personally had a blast and indulged in too much junk food over the con. More importantly, I indulged in my other favorite activity besides eating junkfood: INTERVIEWING COSPLAYERS!!!


This is Shadow Clone (right) and Maddie (left) cosplaying as Magikarps. Shadow Clone is a musician and was a media guest at Sukoshi Con, and he and Maddie ran a panel called Be-Weeb-It. Shadow Clone stated his Magikarp cosplay had “The only Splash that is supereffective.” Maddie stated; “We always cosplay.”

Saturday cosplays (1)

This is Jenny (left) and Robert (right) cosplaying as a steampunk lady and the Undertaker from Black Butler: “Ciel in Wonderland.” SukoshiCon was Jenny’s first convention and she loves the steampunk aesthetic. Robert cosplays because he enjoys voice acting characters, loves costumes, and is part of Random Nerd Antics, an entertainment group stationed here in Kentucky.

Loki cosplayers

The only thing better than one Loki cosplayer are two cosplayers. This is Brett (left) and Steph (right) cosplaying as The Avengers Loki and the first Thor film Loki. Brett cosplays because it helps him boost his confidence and socialize. Steaph cosplays because it’s an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and socialize.

Battlestar Galactica cosplayer


This is Gep, and he’s cosplaying as a fighter pilot from the 2004 reboot of Battlestar Galactica. When I asked him why he was cosplaying, he said; “You’re getting too Diane Sawyer on me,” and walked away. Fighter pilots. Psh.

Interviewing him was an absolute delight and tons of fun in all seriousness though.

Team Magma Grunt cosplayer

This is Meagan, and she’s cosplaying as a classic Pokemon: Ruby/Sapphire Version Team Magma Grunt. She runs her own cosplay page at Sapphire Gem on Facebook. She cosplays to being anime and comic characters to life and be them for a day.

Cats (the musical) cosplayer

This is Sarah, a music theater student, SFX make-up artist, custom hat knitter, and hobbit by trade. She goes by Soubrette Cosplay online, and this is her Jellylorum cosplay from Cats, the acclaimed Broadway musical. Sarah described Jellylorum as a leader who devoted herself to keeping her fellow cats out of trouble. She cosplays thanks in part to her chosen field of study, but she claims to have always loved costume design, and cosplaying gives her the ability to make her own theatrical costumes.

Saturday cosplays (12)

This is Nikata, and she’s cosplaying as Cecil Palmer from Welcome to Nightvale. She cosplayed Cecil because she had everything she needed on hand and stated; “It feels good to not be me.”

I want to thank the interviewers for their time and contribution. I know I say it every time I do this now, and even though I embarass NPR and PBS by stealing their “not possible without you” shtick, but without these cosplayers, my blog would be nonexistent, and the inklings of my writing career would evaporate. These people and their kindness really keep me going to conventions and writing. And my readers make it worth it, too.


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