China: Week 1 Nearing Completion

All right. I have access to WordPress for the moment. Time to update the blog.

No pictures this time. I keep forgetting my camera on the desk. However, I should update with pictures at some point. Meanwhile, I have learned how to ride a bike, have been eating some local food, and getting to know the area. I think I can make my way to the super market now. But it seems like just eating at a restaurant for a few USD a day (meals here range from 1 to 3 USD based on the current exchange rate, and boy are they worth it) for a wee bit cheaper than making a run on the grocery store and cooking with my death trap of a stove (it’s scary).

The other Americans I get along well. One of them is actually an old classmate, so that’s pretty cool. China: good stuff so far. I’ll report in and report back as soon as possible. Maybe with a book review.


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