Cosplay Interview: Jinouga Cosplay

After nearly 9 months of no serious, lengthy interviews, I am pleased and happy to report that I am going to attempt to bring you cosplayer interviews once again! I’m starting off by interviewing a young lady who goes by Jinouga Cosplay, who I found on deviantART. Without any further delay, go check out the interview!

Jacky the Nerd (JtN): What is your name?

Jinouga Cosplay (JinC): Esra [or Jinouga Cosplay online].

Jinouga Cosplay (JinC) as Mrs. Pumpkin from the Miku Hatsune song

JtN: When did you start cosplaying?

JinC: I can’t remember; I think when I was 11.

JtN: Why do you cosplay?

JinC: Because it’s a lot of fun and I can let my creativity out with cosplay!

JtN: Can you tell us your favorite cosplay so far?

JinC: Hmmm; my favorite? I don’t really know: it changes when I make a new cosplay. But I really like my Nargacuga armor (Monster Hunter) and Legend of Zelda cosplays.

Esra in Nargacuga armor (Monster Hunter series)
JinC in Nargacuga armor (Monster Hunter series)

JtN: What is your favorite aspect about cosplaying?

JinC: Having fun with friends. Cosplaying together with friends is the best!

JtN: Have you done any group cosplays with your friends? If so, would you mind telling us about the experience of being part of/organizing a group cosplay?

JinC: Not really a group cosplay, just with 1 or 2 friends. I just ask them (or they ask me) if they wanna cosplay something together with me and they say yes. Ha ha. It’s super fun doing a cosplay together!

JtN: How do you get your cosplays together?

JinC:I make ’em! (Sewing and such.)

JinC as Marie from Splatoon

JtN: What would you say was the hardest cosplay to make yet?

JinC: Hmm…I think my Nargacuga armor! It had scales which I had to cut out and sew on one by one. It was a LOT of work!

JtN: What do you plan to cosplay in the future?

JinC: For sure a lot of Monster Hunter armors! And a lot of Links! But for now I got planned Skyward Sword Link with my good friend SyrupCookie as Zelda; and together we will also make Twilight Princess Link and Zelda. So I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to making Link’s magic armor (Twilight Princess), but I have no idea to what con I want to wear it.

JtN: Sounds like you have a lot on your plate for the future. Do you have any thing you’d like to say to our readers?

JinC: Yes. Hi readers! Sorry if I’m not that interesting to read about! And English is not my first language.

BUT, if you are interested, feel free to follow me on my Facebook page.

JinC wearing a Kirin armor cosplay (Monster Hunter series)

[Writer’s note: Jinouga Cosplay originally introduced herself to me as Esra, so I’m going to retain the original answer to question 1 alongside the answer she gave me post interview. All other changes/corrections were made using the writer’s best editorial judgment.]

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