Cosplay Interview: SyrupCookie

This week’s interviewee came about thanks to networking. I love networking: it gives me more people to interview. More importantly, this week’s guest contended in 2014’s European Cosplay Gathering representing the Netherlands. Start reading to learn more about her!!

Jacky the Nerd (JtN): What is your name?

Syrupcookie Cosplay (ScC): Angela a.k.a. Syrupcookie.

Angela as Kaine from NieR
Angela as Kaine from NieR

JtN: When did you start cosplaying?

ScC: I started in 2010 when I was 19 years old.

JtN: Why do you cosplay?

ScC: I cosplay because I can show my creativity in many different ways. Not only do I have to sew, but also craft and paint things which I love to do. You get to do a lot of everything in just one hobby! I also get to meet new people through it and made many new friends.

JtN: What aspect do you enjoy most of building a cosplay? For example, do you favor sewing over painting or prop-building over make-up.

ScC: I think I enjoy prop-building and crafting armor the most. I just like building something from scratch with different materials and use many different tools to get the results I like. I’m not that really good of a seamstress and I tend to avoid my sewing machine since we got a big love/hate relationship. I do use it of course, but it’s not the most enjoyable thing for me when making a cosplay.

JtN: What is the cosplay you are most proud of?

ScC: At the moment, it’s my recent cosplay of Cia from Hyrule Warriors.

Angela as Cia from Hyrule Warriors
Angela as Cia from Hyrule Warriors

JtN: What is your favorite cosplay experience?

ScC: Being part of the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) 2014. It was such a great experience! I got to meet many new people from many different countries and being able to perform on that big stage for 15,000 people was just amazing! Wouldn’t mind going there again if possible, ha ha.

JtN: What motivates you to work on a cosplay?

ScC: To be really honest; a deadline. On a different note, when I have a cosplay planned for a group, I’m really looking forward to finish it and wear it together with everyone. That motivates me to keep on going.

JtN: Deadlines: the universal motivator. So, you’ve represented the Netherlands (correct me if I’m wrong) last year at the ECG. Can you tell us a little bit about what it was like before you went on stage in front of 15,000 people representing an entire continent?

ScC: Yes, you’re right! Though, I wasn’t alone in this. I was the group representative (there’s also the solo) together with my best friend and cosplay partner, Aurena. We were lucky to go early on stage so we thought it wouldn’t be so nerve-wrecking. We were wrong though, ha ha. Backstage, you can hear everything. Everything that’s being said and of course, you can hear the audience. Knowing there are so many people watching, it certainly does make you feel nervous. I was just hoping everything would go alright and Aurena wouldn’t faint due to the heat. Right before going on stage, I was constantly fanning her some fresh and cooling air to keep her on her feet. Actually, those were the things I was most nervous about; hoping my partner would be alright and our act would go well. Of course, every nervous feeling I had back then left me when performing our act. You can see our act here.

Front: Angela wearing an Arzuros armor cosplay from Monster Hunter 4 Back: Her partner, Aurena, cosplaying as an Arzuros Monster from Monster Hunter 4
Front: Angela wearing an Arzuros armor cosplay from Monster Hunter 4
Back: Her partner, Aurena, cosplaying as an Arzuros Monster from Monster Hunter 4

JtN: What are your plans for the future, cosplay and/or not cosplay related?

ScC: As for cosplay, I always plan pretty far ahead. For now, I got plans to make the Seregios Gunner armor from Monster Hunter and Zelda from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess together with Jinouga cosplay. These are planned for a convention in June next year (Animecon). I also got some more Legend of Zelda cosplays on my list together with Jinouga cosplay, but those are either unplanned or a secret. As for non-cosplay; I’m actually really working hard to set up my own little business. This includes props and other geeky little collectibles I will be selling, all self made. It’s one of my dreams (or goals) to become a good prop maker here in the Netherlands.

JtN: Do you have any closing statements for the readers?

ScC: All I have to say is, thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoyed it. If curious about my upcoming projects, you can always check out my Facebook page for many cosplay updates etc. And of course, thank you Jacky for the interview! I had fun.

To check out more of Angela’s cosplay work, you can follow her on Facebook at Syrupcookie Cosplay.

Bonus picture time!! (She sent me a lot of great material and I wasn’t able to fully incorporate all of it into the interview proper.)

Angela as Three from Drakengard 3
Angela as Three from Drakengard 3

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