The Chinese Christmas Party

Christmas 2015 has come and gone on both ends of the planet. This isn’t a super exciting or nerdy post, but a short one detailing how I spent Christmas here.It was a small but nice affair. My colleagues Andrew and David were out of town, so that left myself, Anna, Kathyrn, and Omar to celebrate. We invited a few students to our small dinner. Thanks to the toaster ovens, we had some baked broccoli and baked spaghetti, and for desert we had some pudding. The Chinese students gave us some apples, which is what they do around Christmas. I think it has something to do with the syllables for “apple” and “Christmas” sounding similar in Mandarin. My colleague Anna gave me some Pocky (not pictured because I ate all of it). People discussed their planned trips for the February holiday period. I plan on visiting a ghost city.

Ghost cities are cities built by local governments, but they hold populations vastly under their maximum capacity. People visit them because they are so empty, and exploring some empty concrete jungle sounds appealing to me. I hear there’s a ghost city based in Paris, so I need to get a little information about it and sneak away from Baoding for a few days.

My Christmas was a pleasant little holiday. I did some work (mostly just grading stuff and planning for another lesson), but overall, twas a good day.

Oh, and I found a Star Wars VII poster outside of a coffee shop. If it’s on the ground, it’s fair game.

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