Cosplay Interview: xRenascent

Once again, time for another interview. This week I bring an interview with a cosplayer named Katie. Don’t fret. This is the first single parter I’ve done in a while, so everything is in a nice, self-contained package. Either way, you’re here to read an interview, not my ramblings! I have a section for that now.

Jacky the Nerd: What is your name and/or cosplay alias?

xRenascent: My first name is Katie, and my cosplay alias is xRenascent.

JtN: How long have you been cosplaying?

xRenascent: I’ve been cosplaying since September 2014, so almost a year and a half.

JtN: Why do you cosplay?

xRenascent: I love to dress up as my favorite characters from my favorite shows and games. It’s a way for me to express my creativity, not to mention meet others who share the same interests and passion.

JtN: What is your favorite character to cosplay as?

xRenascent: My current favorite is Neo/Neopolitan from RWBY. I know that height (along with a few various factors) shouldn’t matter when it comes to cosplay, but I’m at a similar stature as her, and there’s something about her psycho/twisted villain personality that I love. She’s also the first cosplay I’ve actually done all by myself, so the cosplay means a lot to me.

Katie as Neopolitan (RWBY)
Katie as Neopolitan (RWBY)

JtN: What did you find challenging about building Neo?

xRenascent: Like I previously mentioned, Neo was the first cosplay that I actually worked on. When I decided I wanted to cosplay as her, I had no experience with handling wigs or using a sewing machine whatsoever. I had to look up SO many tutorials and basic guides on how to sew things, not to mention I had to actually ask my mom for help quite often–she alters bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses for a living, so she knows a lot and was able to help me out.

One of the most challenging things was to splice two wigs into one. I was so afraid of cutting both the wigs, and they were shedding everywhere as I was cutting. But now, looking at the wig, I think it looks fairly decent for a first-time wig job. Granted, if I had the time and money I’d go for a different path and sew all of the brown wefts into the pink wig (or vice versa).

JtN: What is your favorite cosplay experience so far?

xRenascent: This is pretty general-sounding, but I love it when I get to meet new people and other cosplayers at cons who share the same interests–and it’s even cooler when you get to see them again at more local cons (or annual cons).

JtN: What did you enjoy the most about building Neo?

xRenascent: I enjoyed making her accessories the most–her necklaces and modifying her parasol. Making the accessories wasn’t as stressful as sewing her tailcoat and boot covers/spats, since this was my first real big sewing project. Plus, I felt like I had made her parasol as accurate as I possibly could, and I was really proud of it.

Asami Sato from legend of Korra
Katie as Asami Sato (Avatar: the Legend of Korra)

JtN: How has cosplay affected your life?

xRenascent: I’ve gotten to meet so many people through cosplaying. I’ve been super shy and introverted all my life, and when I started cosplaying, I started talking to people more and I’ve become a lot more outgoing. Granted, I’m still pretty shy and introverted at times, but cosplaying has helped me get a little more comfortable outside of my comfort zone.

JtN: What are your plans for the future, cosplay and/or non-cosplay related?

xRenascent: Cosplay-related, I don’t have any specific plans other than completing my Aqua cosplay within the next couple of months, and an Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End cosplay by Anime Expo this year. A future goal of mine though is to improve on my sewing skills, maybe learn more sewing techniques and how to use certain stitches. I’m still a beginner and I have a lot to learn.

Non-cosplay related, I’m not entirely sure. I’m just flowing with the river and seeing where everything takes me.

Katie as Lumina (Final Fantasy XIV: Lightning Returns)
Katie as Lumina (Final Fantasy XIV: Lightning Returns)

JtN: Is there anything you want to say to the readers?

xRenascent: If you’re super frustrated with whatever you’re working on and it doesn’t look quite right, keep trying and don’t give up! It never hurts asking for help or a second opinion, too. Rushing can lead to sloppy work and potential mess-ups (at least from personal experience). Take your time if you can! Remember that cosplaying is about having fun, too, so don’t stress yourself out over it!


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