Cosplay Interview: Sophie Riis

After a month of inactivity, I am back! I took a break from blogging to focus on the semester at hand. I’m currently teaching about eight classes a week, and I’m trying to design some new lesson plans. I’m also still working on my novels. Enough personal updating: you’re here for an interview!

This is an interview with a cosplayer that I have been following for about a year or two now. I first noticed her work when she posted the following image to DeviantArt. I’ve been admiring her work ever since.

Star Fox Sophie
Sophie as Fox McCloud (Star Fox series)

Jacky the Nerd: What is your name and/or your cosplay alias?

Sophie: My name is Sophie and my cosplay alias is basically my name Sophie Riis, [or] Sophie Karine Riis.

JtN: How long have you been cosplaying?

Sophie: I’ve been cosplaying since 2010 is, so around 6 years.

JtN: Why do you cosplay?

Sophie: I cosplay firstly because it’s fun! It’s a fun way to express my feeling towards a game, comic, manga, TV series, anime and movies etc. I always cosplay characters that I can relate to or love. I’ve always been very creative and I’ve always loved video games, so to be able to make a costume in their honor and actually be my favorite characters are the best feeling ever. Luckily for me, two of my sisters also do this and we’re also neighbors so I get a lot of inspiration from them as well.

JtN: What is like cosplaying with your sisters?

Sophie: It’s really the best! we have done several group cosplays with each other and we got so many more to come. And since we’re neighbors (which is amazing) it’s easy to have cosplay workshops together and travel together to different events and cons

JtN: What is the group cosplay that you are proudest of?

Sophie: The Tokyo Mew Mew group so far! Since we watched the show as kids, being able to cosplay them is really a dream come true.

Tokyo Mew Mew Group (Sophie as Ichigo, far left)

JtN: What is the cosplay you had the most trouble completing?

Sophie: Probably Lux from League of Legends. I “finished” her for Dreamhack winter 2014. She got a lot of armor and it was the first real time making so much armor. I’ve been thinking of dragging her out of the closet again and again, but it never happened. But I have started to re-make a lot of the pieces and will have her finish-finished before summer.

JtN: Besides cosplaying with your sisters, what is your favorite cosplay experience?

Sophie: That’s a hard one. There [are] really plenty of them! But if I got to choose one it would be the first time I wore a cosplay I made myself. It was Blue Link from Four Swords with the Twilight Princess design (we were a group). We got stopped all the time and we got so many compliments! It meant really much to me, since I was so nervous to attend a con with my first made costume. Getting so much good feedback really gave me the push to continue making cosplays.

Blue Link (Legend of Zelda series)

JtN: How do you think cosplay has affected your life?

Sophie: Well I can’t say it hasn’t affected me! Without cosplay I wouldn’t have all the friends I have today that’s for sure. I know I would still be gaming and such, but I think I would be in a totally different community. Cosplay also brings me happiness and I get to push myself to the limits with creativity, which I love, and always have.

JtN: What are your plans for the future cosplay and non-cosplay related?

Sophie: Too many cosplay plans at least! Right now I’m currently making Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, after that it’s Fox McCloud from Star Fox Zero and Rapunzel from Tangled. I HOPE AT LEAST. Other than cosplay I’m actually going back to school! Going to a university to study more. I’m an educated hairdresser, and have been for almost three years now, which means I haven’t gone to school for a long time, so that’ll be weird, but fun.

JtN: What advice would give to readers if they get involved with cosplay?

Sophie: Go to a con before starting to cosplay, really! Not because you can’t cosplay, but simply to get the whole community feeling. The best way to get the whole picture is to simply “study” what other people do. And of course, don’t be afraid to fail if you’re making a costume! It’s all about having fun and you learn by doing. Even if you buy or make one, you’ll find people with the same interest!

To see more of Sophie’s cosplays, I suggest looking her up on Facebook or DeviantArt.

Thanks for reading! (And your patience.)

Photo Credits and Sources

Sommer, Mathilde. Blue Link: Twilight Princess Edition. 2013. Photograph. Online gallery.

Weckerle, Valentin. Fox McCloud. 2014. Photo. Online gallery.


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