[Old] Cosplay Interview: Nicole

Once again, I’m posting an old interview from about two years ago with a cosplayer I met at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convtention 2014, a.k.a. “Line-Con!”

I met someone at MTAC 2014 named Nicole. I interviewed her at the convention, and later tracked her down for a more in-depth interview. She runs a page called Rhyme Cosplay on Facebook.

Jacky the Nerd: What is your name?


JtN: When did you start cosplaying?

Nicole. I started cosplaying around 6 or 7 years ago (as of 2014).

JtN: Why do you cosplay?

Nicole: I cosplay because even when I was a little girl I looked up to and idolized these characters and always hoped that one day I could be like them, cosplay is sort of like my escape from reality and everything that isn’t perfect in my life. Even though I spend all my time and money engrossing myself with these costumes, I feel so proud when I look in the mirror and see the finished product, because I made that. I brought this character to life. It really is one of the most wonderful feelings. There are many more reasons, and I could go on for hours, but I won’t bore you.

JtN: You’ve been cosplaying since your early childhood. What has it been like “growing up” as a cosplayer?

Nicole. Well, it has been interesting to say the least. A lot of friends have been made and lessons have been learned. I’ve seen first hand how much the cosplay community has changed and grown. And you know, sometimes it feels like I’ve just started cosplaying yesterday and I still have so much to learn. I really wonder if the even more experienced cosplayers (Yaya, Traci, GSTQ, etc) feel this way.

Nicole as Roger Rabbit (right)


JtN: What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the cosplay community?

Nicole: It’s mainly been the growth and the people. When I started cosplay was just a very TINY percentage of what it is now, and the percentage that did cosplay were more concerned with fun then anything else. now it all seems to be about becoming “cosfamous” and isolating people who aren’t quite perfect or who buy their costumes.

JtN: What’s the biggest change–if it made one–cosplay made in you?

Nicole: I really felt I’ve grown as a person and an artist. It’s made me value my friends more than ever and gave me the confidence to live and be happy with what I have. Cosplay also gave me the motivation to stop being lazy and work to better myself every day.


JtN: What is your favorite cosplay so far?


Nicole: I really enjoy my Mage Ember Cosplay, I feel really adorable in it and it was a design I came up with on my own and everything was made by me. It was my first time making my own hat and prop too.

Mage Ember; design inspired by Spyro: A Hero’s Tail. Photocopyright of Patrick Sun.

JtN: What do you prefer to build? Clothing items or props?

Nicole: I love everything but wigs. Clothing and props are very much equal in my mind because they’re both taking scraps of something and making a new thing out of it… wigs… wigs are something completely different. They’re EVIL.

JtN: I’m shocked! Why do you think wigs are evil?


Nicole: I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with them. A Wig robbed me once, another one bullied me all throughout high school!

Just kidding, but seriously, can you imagine? Nah, I just haven’t quite gotten the hang of them yet. They never seem to want to cooperate and do what I tell them to.


JtN: What are you future plans, cosplay and non-cosplay related?


Nicole: I have some BIG cosplay plans some in the near future and some in the far you’ll just have to wait and see. Non-cosplay related, I really just plan to keep working hard so that I can afford this hobby I love.

I want to thank Nicole for her patience and giving me the chance to give her a more in-depth interview. You can read the original flash interview with her from MTAC 2014 here (she was Roger Rabbit). Here’s a link to her Facebook page as well.


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