Cosplay Interview: Maurishia-kun

Well, nearly a month without a new interview, and over two weeks without new content, I am finally back. I finally reached out to a cosplayer from the forums for a new interview. He’s a young man from Costa Rica, which means I’m slowly going international. Now read this interview while I throw darts at a world map to figure out which international cosplayer will get interviewed.

Jacky the Nerd: What is your name and/or cosplay alias?

Maurishia-kun: My name is Mauricio but people usually call me Mau.

JtN: How long have you been cosplaying?

Mau: I started in November 2014 so it’s like a year and a half.

JtN: Why do you cosplay?
Mau: You know, without purposing it at first it’s being having to do with old childhood dreams to be like the characters I used to watch on TV so it’s kind of like accomplishing a dream, things like posing, making their expressions and doing almost everything what they do which is awesome, and I also got to admit the fact of having the cool clothes characters’ wear has something to do in some way.

JtN: What is your favorite cosplay experience?

Mau: So far it’s the convention where I had to present the cosplay project I made at cosplay lessons. I had to present my costume with all my classmates’ at the stage but also had the chance to meet new people and even making a little kid happy by posing with me and the rest of my classmates, it was really special for me.

Genki cosplay
Mau as Genki (in Holly’s clothes) from Monster Rancher

JtN: Do you remember your first cosplay? If you do, what was it?

Mau: Of course, it was Takato from Digimon Tamers.

JtN: What is something you find challenging about cosplaying, and why?

Mau: Making patterns of course, I mean in several characters you’ll find clothing pieces that don’t exist in real life and you won’t find pattern references on Internet, you have to make them from scratch and that means you have to analyze shapes carefully, calculate sizes and consider the form that every piece will take when worn, it’s a huge challenge and there’s a huge possibility to fain and start again from zero.

JtN: What is the one thing you enjoy the most out of cosplay, and why?

Mau: I can’t honestly choose between drawing and cooking, but right now I’m going to say cooking, because I’m a food lover and love to experiment and try new things I don’t normally eat or see at restaurants, though I’m now currently into baking because I love to work with flour and bake and also make sourdough, which isn’t easy to find here in my country.

JtN: What inspires or motivates you when you find it difficult to work on a cosplay?

Mau: The long-time wishes and dreams to wear that character’s clothes and be him/her and act like him/her, in my opinion those wishes are stronger than the difficulty to make a costume.

Mau as Haku from Spirited Away

JtN: What are you plans for the future, cosplay and non-cosplay related?

Mau: I hope to someday participate in contests (because I don’t currently) and travel to cons outside of my country, right now I’m thinking in events like Festival Sugoi in Panama and TNT in Mexico. Non-cosplay wise I hope to someday have the chance to take my drawings to the next level and make cartoons professionally with my characters.

JtN: What would you like to say to the readers?

Mau: If you’re thinking [about starting] cosplaying but don’t know how to make costumes, look for someone who can teach you the most basic sewing and crafting techniques. I didn’t know how to sew before and now I make my own costumes by myself, so don’t lose hope and go ahead; if I did you can do it too. If you already cosplay I’m happy to be one of you now (because I started relatively recently) and whoever you are I hope, we can meet you in person and be friends someday. And if you don’t cosplay and you’re not interested in the hobby, I respect your decision while you live and let live. To all those three kinds of people I say hi and thank you all for taking your time to read the interview, I really appreciate that.


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