Cosplay Interview: Otaku Gunso!!! (part 2)

Earlier this week, I brought the first part of an interview with a cosplayer who goes by the incredibly awesome name of OTAKU GUNSO!!! This is the second and exciting conclusion to their interview.

Jacky the Nerd: What is the most difficult part about building/getting a new cosplay in your opinion, and why?

Otaku Gunso: Well as I said, I learn new stuff on point. I don’t really give myself the chance to practice on a new acquired skill. I do I guess I can call it some “in real time” type stuff when it comes to learning a new skill because I put it into use right away. That can be not only complicated but actually kind of stressful because if I mess up, then what? Generally, I’ll get an idea in my head for how to make something and I’ll come up with many different ways to make it based upon what I already know and eventually have to do research on the side. I always have multiple plans lined up for how to make something that way if the first one fails then I got plan B, and plan C, Plan D and so on and so forth.

Only one time I can recall messing up on something and that was when it came down to making my Fusanoshin head for my cosplay and I was able to hop right into plan B right away. It was lucky that I had that plan to hop right into because at that point the convention was literally 3 weeks away and it took me 2 weeks to make the head.

JtN: If there is one cosplay you want to revisit/rebuild, what would it be and why?

Otaku Gunso: Wooow…there’s so many from back when I first started that I would like to redo. There’s even some I don’t even have records of they were so terrible!! Anyway, to give a serious answer or two. I would say off the bat, Shana from Shakugan no Shana, since she was my first cosplay and a character I genuinely cared for at that. Back then I had no resources to anything, no wigs, no fabric, no nothing literally and I was 16 and wasn’t allowed to wear thigh highs. Since this year would mark 10 years I’ve been cosplaying, I’m thinking about busting out with a brand spanking new cosplay of her with the wig and the necklace (assuming I have to make one). The sword will be a task and a half but if I can manage that then why not.

Empress CC from Code Geass
Gunso as Empress CC (Code Geass)

Another I wouldn’t mind remaking is my old Ragnarok Online champ cosplay. Back then I made pants for the first time using my special “no pattern” attempt. While they came out a bit awkward the first time around, now I am better at sewing and I know how to perfect my pants after many attempts, knowledge of my body type and not having to rely on elastic waist band either. Now that I think about it I actually consider that to be one of my earlier cosplay milestones being the fact I made pants for the first time.

If you can’t tell already that I got love for the Shakugan no Shana series then you’ll be able to tell now. Another I don’t have on record was an old cosplay of Wilhelmina. Hers was actually a cosplay that marked my first attempt at making a full cosplay from scratch. Of course it looked terrible which is why I have no records of it but now that I sew better I [can] probably throw together another with no problem.

JtN: What are your cosplay plans for the future?

Otaku Gunso: Unfortunately, I don’t have any big convention plans lined up at this time but the “cosplay potential” as I call it is always there. I may look to outdo myself (with Fasanoshin) or I may keep it simple. One of my more recent dream cosplays was something I finally had the pleasure of completing last year was the empress version of CC from Code Geass. Now that my skills are fairly up to par I feel confident enough to tackle some “dream cosplays” of mine. As for some dream cosplays, I’ve always always wanted to cosplay the Twilight Princess version of Princess Zelda and I’ve been itching to cosplay the Kingdom Hearts 2 version of Sora as well. As for anime cosplay I would like to attempt that season 3 hoop dress Shana has on in Shakugan no Shana. I’ve never done a hoop skirt before so it should provide an interesting challenge. I also wouldn’t mind repping the [Sergeant] while I’m at it. [Sergeant] Keroro that is!! Yes, a full body suit is something else I’ve never done before!! As you can see I’m all about challenging myself here, many difficulties await me in the future.

JtN: What would you like to say to the readers?

Otaku Gunso: I hope my tale of perseverance and determination was inspiring to you!! It goes to show that even starting out with nothing at all you can push your way forward to the things you want to achieve. I probably should take the time to mention while on this final note that I happen to be on the autism spectrum. There were many who said I couldn’t with lack of understanding and just plain ignorance but when I proved them all wrong they had nothing to say. Here’s from me, keep pushing forward!! If someone says you can’t and you know you can then go for it!! And just remember to have fun with it!!

Pururin from Welcome to the NHK
Otaku Gunso from Pururin (Welcome to the NHK)

As always, I want to thank you, the reader, for taking time to read these interviews. I also want to extend a personal thanks for Otaku Gunso for their time, and their patience due to an error I made on my part. You all take care of yourselves, and keep cosplaying!

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