Vette City Con 2017

After nearly 6 weeks of silence—which is enough time to declare this blog legally dead according to Internet time—I am back!! Which makes this blog zombie. Or a reanimated punk Frankenstein, which is something I saw at the inaugural Vette City Con!! 

 I saw some interesting cosplayers. This being my first convention after Sukoshi Con, it was refreshing getting to see other costumers and cosplayers in the flesh.

The Glamorsteins: Dustin as the Monster and Sasha as the Lady Glamorstein

Two of them I met were Dustin and Sasha, who were a punk style Frankenstein’s Monster and Monster’s Bride. According to their business card, their characters are named Frank and The Lady Glamorstein. The idea was Sasha’s, and she was inspired by Chris “Coop” Cooper pin-ups featuring The Monster’s Bride. Dustin got started in costuming with a character he described as an undead boiler worker. They’ve been cosplaying as a couple for 4 years. They also work with Horror Hound Magazine while they aren’t doing their regular day jobs.





Dr. Gangrene, Nasvhille’s Physician of Fright

Another person I met is a Nashville based TV horror movie host named Dr. Gangrene. “The doctor is in…sane!” is his rather simple and descriptive tagline. Dr. Gangrene’s real name is Larry, and he works as a graphic designer. However, his passion project is this TV horror movie show host character. Larry was inspired by Sir Cecil Creep. He’s been hosting his own stuff for 18 years. Dr. Gangrene started off on local Nashville television, but has since moved some of his operations to Youtube and even wrote a horror anthology. According to himself, Dr. Gangrene’s is posting a bunch of Top Fives and Vincent Price related stuff on his channel.




I also met and briefly spoke with photographer and musician Eerie Von. Personally, I found him to be quite receptive with a party boy kind of attitude. He’s worked with several several punk bands, and been in a couple. He’s been in the music industry since 1982, and released his first album in 1983. He was at Vette City Con to promote his book Misery Obscura, a collection of photos Eerie has taken over the years following and being in bands.

 Another person I met was Rocky Doll. They’re an alt model who hosts events like concerts, photoshoots, dance parties, and conventions. They’ve been doing this for approximately 12 years. Rocky Doll was inspired due to their love of art, fashion, and they used the Rocky Horror Picture Show as a source of inspiration. For them, this is their passion project.

Jason of Sugar Virus

I also met Jason, who is in a band called Sugar Virus and is a regular zombie extra in AMC’s The Walking Dead. I talked with him for a little bit, and I told him I’d give him a shout-out. His band has released an album called “Zombie Town” a few years ago, along with a music video of the title track.




Speaking of zombies, there’s also a small web series being made and produced in Bowling Green called Remnant 13. According to the series Facebook page, the series will follow a medical doctor who searches for a cure to the zombie making virus he created while trying to save his oldest daughter from a terminal illness. There’s going to be a group of other survivors also trying to survive the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse.

The staff of Remnant 13

Moving away from zombie landscapes and onto art, I met a couple meet artists there. I purchased three posters from Galaxy Creations. For twenty dollars, I got three 11” by 17” posters of Samus Aran in her power armor sans helmet, Raven from Teen Titans, and Midna from Twilight Princess. The posters have a pin-up appeal because nothing’s sexier to me than gothic heroines and armored bounty hunters.

Another artiest I met is a gentleman named Primo Cardinalli. He’s been painting for a long time, but he said he made his hobby into a business out of necessity about 9 years ago. He was down to “pennies in a cup” when a friend of his put a scary clown painting onto EBay for him. The painting sold for 40 dollars, which covered his 35 dollar electric bill. Since then, Mr. Cardinalli has opened a studio and selling his work online and at shows and conventions (he attends approximately 20 to 30 a year by his count).

One more artist to mention, or rather a duo, are Heather and Jake of Brothers Rich FX. I only got to speak with Heather because Jake was away from the booth, but she gave me lots of good information. Jake got started 15 years ago and has a degree in Industrial Design. With his creative eye, he’s been making props and things ever since. Heather got started about two years ago, and she’s a trained cosmetologist. She’s worked on haunted houses and has a love for creepy things. She showed off a creepy Santa head she made and explained how she glued the hairs for his beard.

I also met a few cosplayers while I was at the convention, and spoke at length with a few of them.

CrystalRavyn and Greg as their take on Catwoman and Batman

This is CrystalRavyn and Greg of Satyr Day Productions. They cosplay because they enjoy interacting with people and they adore the idea of cosplay.








Mike as Capt. Rex from Star Wars Rebels

This is Mike in his Captain Rex cosplay. It’s his first cosplay and Vette City Con was his first convention. He decided to do Captain Rex because he was watching Star Wars Rebels with his nephew and saw the aging clone trooper and figured: “I can do that.”







Rick as Han Solo

This is Rick as Captain Han Solo. He’s been cosplaying for two years and originally got started with a friend. He also cosplays as Indiana Jones.










Last is what I’ll call the honorable mentions. I didn’t take many notes or get to speak with these people for very long, but I want to provide links to their work so you can see it for yourself anyways.

Nik Havert: Owner and Writer at

Timothy Shockey: owner of and The Goblin Project

The Ohio River Valley Cosplayers (ORCs).

I think that about covers this year’s Vette City Con. To read more about it, and the celebrity guests, I recommend reading this article published in the Bowling Green Daily News. (The article was written by a former classmate of mine. Go check it out.) To see more photos of the convention, check out the gallery.

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