Quick Update and New Idea

Hi, everyone. I haven’t really written much for the blog over the past four months due to a sheer and utter lack of motivation. However, I might change that. I’m still working on the manuscript for a space opera. It’s not stellar or revolutionary by any means. It’s all fairly basic space opera stuff with a heavy influence from Star Wars and me keeping an eye on history and international politics. From this one story a bunch of ideas have popped up, and many of those ideas are more interesting than my original story.

I still want to blog, and I need to publish stuff. It also wouldn’t hurt for me to get some feedback on this manuscript and potential short stories/novels that could spring from this overall-pretty-basic story.

There’s a second idea I have that’s less sci-fi and space opera-ey, and more fantasy/young adult. The basic premise involves a young wizard and a shieldmaiden having to relocate an endangered dragon. That one just sort of formed on its own.

ANYWAYS!!! I might do this thing just to have something to publish. The stories will appear under their own pages with their own categories and tags.

I mean, I got nothing to lose. Right?

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