OMGcon 2017: Short Report

I’ve been meaning to hit this convention up since 2013. Due to…life…I was unable to make it until this year. Finally, I got to attend this past weekend and had a blast.I spent most of the weekend walking around in my Link cosplay and generally just hanging out. I attended a panel in which we played human battleship. The panel host who lost the game for the past three years won this year, so that was a treat for her. And I was on the winning team.  The game was a little slow, but it was an interesting novelty worth watching for a while and fun to play.

OMGCon pics (9) blog.jpg
We were a boat.

The next thing I did was attend the ball where my friend Zach was crowned the king of the ball. An Indomintus Rex in a bow tie usually gets what it wants on account of being a a friggin’ dinosaur. OMGCon pics (28) blog

That was Friday. I spent most of Saturday playing video games, Magic the Gathering, and helping Zach with his Sith-Jedi Open Debate panel. I was a Starfleet Jedi because why not. After all, phasers are better than blasters. I also attended the rave. It took me a bit to work myself up into going, but I’m glad I did it.

Sunday was spent taking pictures and just chilling out. I didn’t do a whole lot at this convention because it was my first full, three-day con in about two years. I had a good time, and I look forward to next year’s OMGcon.

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