T-Shirt Throw Pillow: A Tutorial

Got an old T-shirt that you know you can’t or shouldn’t wear anymore, but you don’t feel like parting with it? Give it new life as a decorative throw pillow. It’s an easy project and shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to make. And don’t worry; there will be pictures. This is my first tutorial. I’ll start off with the tools and materials needed for this project. You’ll need:

T-Shirt Pillow (1)
An old favorite I bought in 2012
  • An old t-shirt. Shirts with graphic designs, like geek or band t-shirts, are probably the best way to go.
  • Scissors or pinking sheers. I used pinking sheers, which are like scissors, but they have “alligator teeth” edges and keep the fabric from fraying so much.
  • Pins to pin the fabric together.
  • A pencil or dressmaker’s mark, and ruler to draw out a square around the area you want to cut.
  • A needle and thread to do the actual sewing. I have a sewing machine, so the sewing process took me only a few minutes. Either way, you’ll at least need some thread and a needle to do some hand sewing to close the project.
  • The last thing you’ll need is some poly-fill stuffing, which can be found at Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby.

T-Shirt Pillow (3)

The first thing to do is mark where you’re going to cut the design out. You can cut out some fabric from the back of the shirt, or use some spare fabric you have laying around somewhere if you got it.T-Shirt Pillow (4)

The next thing to do is place the pieces of fabric wrong-side out and then pin the pieces together. You want the design to be hidden. This is because when the pillow is turned right side out, the design is visible and the hems aren’t.

T-Shirt Pillow (5)
The design is on the inside. Hiding. Waiting. Like a cat under the kitchen table.

T-Shirt Pillow (6)

Next, sew it up. Just leave a little hand-sized hole in the pillow so you can stuff the poly-fill in there.

T-Shirt Pillow (7)
This hole might be a bit big, but hand-size is just an easy measurement to go by.

T-Shirt Pillow (8)Use an iron to sew down some folds on the inside of the pillow. This will be important later on. T-Shirt Pillow (9)The ironed folds on the inside hem should look something like this. I had to pin them down because the folds weren’t staying down on their own, but it’s no big deal. The next step is a little tricky. You’ll need to use a ladder stitch. Watch this video to learn how to do it.

T-Shirt Pillow (10)
It’s a little tricky at first, but once you figure it out, it’s easy.

Ladder stitch your hand-sized hole closed. And then…T-Shirt Pillow (12)

You have yourself a little throw-pillow!

I hope you all liked this little tutorial. It gave me an excuse to sew and post something on the blog, so I enjoyed it. Hopefully I’ll bring more content on a more regular basis soon.

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