Behind the Struggle Cosplay: Prop Car One

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been working on a cosplay project. It’s coming along slowly because I’ve needed warmer weather to work, and we finally have said warm weather where I live now. I needed to update the blog, and I decided showing off some WIP photos would suffice for that purpose. 


Alright, so this is the skeleton of a sports car prop I;m working on. I’ve never seen anyone make anything like this before, so I’m kind of winging it from some designs I drew up over the winter. The “NOs” you see on the sides are so I wouldn’t glue the flat side onto the inside, which I did with the first skeleton. I was able to melt the glue and salvage  three of the four pieces I initially cut. It was kind of a small miracle I didn’t screw this up entirely and have to start over.


This is where things got a bit tricky. Combine a lack of tutorials with a lack of experience working with foam, and I had these weird front pieces welded together with hot glue. The back panel has also been attached, giving the prop some extra strength.


Ok, those white parts are fins, meant to give the prop some pizzaz. The left hand fin came out pretty well, and the right one…eh. I’m going to try to fix it, but I need to sit on for  a few days. This is where I left off, partly due to running out of materials, and getting frustrated with the fins.

I got more materials and plan on continuing work soon. With any luck, I will have the prop completed (more or less) in a few weeks.

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