9 Oct. 2015: Class SUCCESS!!!

Class today went well. Thanks to over planning, I had enough to keep the students and myself busy. I’m still establishing routines and figuring out what they need to learn and balance it out with stuff they want to learn. That and I’m still learning about being a teacher period. For now, I’m banking on building a routine with the students. I have the beginning and end of each class more or less planned out, and I have to find activities to fill in the middle and get them talking. Over all, today was a mild success because it didn’t devolve into pure chaos.

That being said, one of my students spoke to me about her dissatisfaction with the day’s class. She’s very advanced and eager to learn; a handful of the other students are just like her as far as advancement goes. She said she wants to learn to talk about more serious subject matter, and I don’t blame her. So, I’m going to find a way to include activities about discussing science and history with the class. I’m staying away from religion or politics due to some professional concerns. Getting fired would suck.

I got the students to talk, and I kept badgering them with questions. I asked them to define some vocabulary words, got to them to talk to each other, and shared some music with them. I plan on doing the music sharing thing once a week because it’s something they want to know about and it is plain fun for them.

I have lots of work ahead of me, but if I keep with the basic structure I followed today, everything should be just fine. The next lesson plan is in need of refinement, so it’ll be ready after some much needed attention.

I also plan on working up to harder subject matter as the weeks go on. I have to push them beyond what they know, and what I know. I will also not stop encouraging them to speak with me or get my help if they have concerns or questions. I’m tackling things with all the energy I have.

There’s plenty to do, and after today’s success, I have more confidence in my budding skills.

Things I need to be more scholarly according to my friends: a fountain pen, a beard, a hat, and elbow patches.


  1. Jacky,
    I study second language acquisition. For some of your advanced learners, it would be interesting for them to learn about idioms and slang in English. These are particularly difficult for second language learners to grasp because they are culturally defined. This is wonderful for them to discuss their idioms to you and you teach some American English idioms to them as well. You can also teach them some jargon, like military jargon, that is more popular with common speaking populations. You can also teach some differences between American English slang and British English slang.
    These may not seem difficult to you because you are a native English speaker, but for non-natives they WANT to learn these things and they can be a little difficult. Some discussion between these would be enormously helpful to some of your business students. (Well, your students are probably in there for mechanical engineering and electrical maintenance so this would be excellent for reading reports from various manufacturing companies.)

    Let me know what you think either here or shoot me an email at:


    1. Thanks for your advice and help. I didn’t really teach my first group idioms and slang phrases. I plan on helping my other classes learn slang and idioms with writing assignments and listening exercises. I’m also trying to teach them written grammar and some practical communication skills. Idioms and slang fit into that “practical communication” skill category.


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