Music Matters on the Battlefield

I recently (as in, just a couple hours ago) watched the first Battlefield 1 trailer. I was sorely disappointed by the music. The original music sounded like any generic, pseudo-rock-techno, post-modern pool of garbage Cola we hear in every other trailer for everything pumped with more testosterone than Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian and the original Terminator film combined!
So, I took it up myself to fix it. Behold, my amateur (but admittedly self-admired) final product.

I made this for a lot of reasons, but the primary one was that I felt the trailer’s music was uninspired. We’ve heard the same rock track over and over and over and over. Some games use period music or a certain style to a serious advantage, and I feel like EA really missed a great opportunity here to use some period music from the Great War to really hammer that the realities and the attitudes (at least at the war’s outbreak) were highly juxtaposed. Admittedly, I got stupid lucky with how the music lined up with the trailer. Shot for shot was pretty spot on and I had to do only a little editing.

I’m excited for this game to come out, and I really want to play it. It looks fun and fantastic, but I only wish the trailer sounded as good as the game looked. Thanks to modern technology and a healthy dose of spite, I can make the trailer sound how I think it should!

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