Behind the Struggle: Cosplay Prop Car Update 2

It’s been nearly a month since I started working on the prop car. I’ve made some progress on it. Might as well let ya’ll have a peek.

vette and wheels

As you can see, I’ve fixed my fins. I have my front fins looking pretty decent, and the back fins are attached. They’re an ugly patchwork of craft foam, but they work and look pretty good from a distance. The front fins look way better, and I’m pretty proud of them. Those dumbbell looking things are the “wheels.” They’re a cosmetic piece. The “wrong side” of the foam is out on the wheels to simulate tire treads and save myself some detailing work. It’s a cheat, but it works.

Spokes pic

These funny pieces are the “spokes” for the wheels. I have to trim them up some, and seal and paint them. They’re going to be glued to the sides of the wheels and painted with aluminum chrome paint for a nice sporty look.

plastidipped vette

Here we have ourselves a fancy, black prop car. I only sealed the outside with plasti-dip, and didn’t bother with the insides. I’m on a tight budget, and with Plasti-Dip running 6 dollars a spray can and a trip to Wal-Mart, I’m opting to skimp where I can to save money.

vette 1st coat

This is the first coat of paint. It’s green. I broke the little nozzle thing on my spray can, which explains all the paint splatter. Good thing Dad doesn’t care about his concrete garage floor. Vette 2nd coat

Alright. After a second coat of paint, it looks a lot better. That rough looking spot on the side is where I had to correct a mistake. I opted to keep it there because as a first time building something like this, I’m willing to be more forgiving towards construction. BUT!! that second coat of paint looks great. It has a plastic, green army guy color and texture, which I honestly love. It might look silly and jank, but I’m proud of how it’s coming out.

My next steps involving working on the spokes detailing; detailing and attaching the wheels; making the straps so I can wear it; and painting the racing symbols on it. I also need to add some extra details, but I need to figure out which ones to add and which ones I can live without.

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